Let's Get Real

José Trinidad Castaneda on Climate Justice

February 22, 2021 Season 1 Episode 110
Let's Get Real
José Trinidad Castaneda on Climate Justice
Show Notes

José Trinidad Castaneda  (he/they) is a rising star in fighting for climate change and clean energy in Orange County.  He is the Orange County Policy Manager with Climate Action Campaign and currently serves on the City of Fullerton Planning Commission. He is also the  Communications Director for the Lavender Democrats of Orange County.  José opened up about early experiences that shaped his passion for climate action and social justice.  Nina and José also talked about the intersection between public policy issues such as housing and climate and the importance of approaching social change holistically.  He also shared where he feels the greatest sense of belonging and what inspires him to keep in the fight for a sustainable planet and a more equitable world.

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