Let's Get Real

Resilience Inside & Out with Sharmin Banu

November 20, 2022 Nina Simonds, PCC Season 4 Episode 406
Let's Get Real
Resilience Inside & Out with Sharmin Banu
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Sharmin Banu is an executive coach and the former president of the Washington State Chapter of International Coach Federation.   She is also the Pacific Regional Lead for Braver Angels, a grassroots organizations that seeks to depolarize American politics.   Sharmin shared candidly about a time when she moved from self doubt to self confidence.   We also explored how my cultural bias affected our collegial relationship.  Sharmin walked through an approach to being more empathetic with those who have different beliefs than our own. 

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Nina Simonds Coaching
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Sharmin's Pivot from Tech Leader to Coach
Nina shares about her own Unconscious Bias
Sharmin's Path to Success
Commitment to Herself
Walking the Talk
What Liberals Fear Most
How to Talk to Someone with an Opposite Viewpoint
It Starts with Family
Putting it into Practice
Question to Ask
Moving beyond Defensiveness
Self Management
A Personal Story of Connection